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Interview with the swedish fashion bloggers Jenny & Linda (



Interview with the swedish fashion bloggers Jenny & Linda (

These two fashion bloggers are living on each side of the world – Jenny in Seoul, South Korea and Linda in Stockholm, Sweden. Jenny works as an editor at ELLE Korea and Linda work with events. These stylish fashionistas love to travel and go to fashion weeks together. Let´s find out what´s their secret of success of SEOULSISTERS!

Fashionblogger is the dream job of many young people. Most of them think you spend your whole day with unwrapping gifts and having fun at fashion shows – but what does your day really look like?

There is a lot of perks of being an established fashion blogger such as collaborations, events and all the love from our readers. But there is so much hard work behind it all, what you see and read on our and any other fashion blog is often only the highlights of our days. We are not always wearing stylish outfits or go to cool events. We both have loads of everyday duties to do and we both have full-time jobs besides running the blog. Since we are sisters and colleagues living in different parts of the world, our days could alter. Jenny who lives in Seoul, works at fashion magazine ELLE Korea and is also teaching English in a school for young children. Linda who lives in Stockholm, works as an event booker/planner. So you can say, we both have two full-time jobs, whereas one of them is blogging. After our regular job, we blog on the evenings and weekends. We are really grateful for the blog, but it is a lot of work in a normal day for us. It’s a bit hard to separate work from personal life, since we pretty much work all the time!

Which prejudices do you have to struggle as a fashion blogger?

Probably that fashion bloggers are superficial and spoiled. That we just care about the surface and just keep getting free gifts and invitations to nice events. But this is only a guess, we haven’t really received any negative prejudices face to face or on the blog.

What´s the biggest problem in the blogosphere?

We have only been blogging for a year now and so far so good, we haven’t really discovered any problems with the whole phenomena. It’s a very small blogosphere in Sweden so everybody know each other. Of course it can be some competition and drama due to all of the talking about copying styles and other rumors. But overall people are more friends than rivals.

Why do you think Swedish fashion blogs are so successful?

The fashion and trends in Sweden are very clean with focus on design and fabrics. A lead star has always been Acne for many and we do believe that the brand represents the overall Swedish fashion. People in Sweden are very aware of trends and we also travel a lot to find new influences around the world. Also in our opinion Swedish blogs tend to have a very clean design with focus on quality of the pictures and creativity in concepts, which most people want to see when they read a blog.

Do you know any tips for newcomer blogger?

Find your niche, something that truly inspires you. Stick to it and never be afraid to stand out. It’s also important to keep the quality of the pictures high and the standard of each blog post even. The best thing that we ever did, was to join a blog community at the startup phase. Networking with other bloggers is both fun and giving!

A lot of blogger are known for their PR strategies, what would you never do for PR?

We are very determined to keep our blog as a reflection of ourselves and what we want to represent. We only collaborate with brands and companies that we truly love and that are very “us”. We would never do anything crazy, naked, too personal, unappropriated etc. for attention or PR.

What are the reasons for a successful blog?

It’s always important to be inspired and creative, so that you are happy with what you are posting on your blog. If you don’t believe in what you are blogging, then neither will your readers. It’s also important to keep the quality in your blog, so that the readers can know what to expect when they come back to your blog. Skip the pictures taken with a telephone or the talking about the weather. If you have a fashion blog, make sure that you’re posts are always relevant for your concept. Never lose your notion!

What are three positive and negative sides of blogging?

Positive: To inspire other people, the feedback from our readers and the fantastic collaborations with great brands and companies.
Negative: Lots of work, keeping the creativity alive every single day of the year and technical issues on the web.

Thanks for the interview! Good luck for the future.

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